Banking Meets Fintech.

Johnson Capital Private merges many benefits and is creating the next generation of FINTECH. Providing future micro investments in startups and crowdfunding.

Step Into The Future

With Johnson Capital Private you will be able to manage your money comfortably online and pay with your bank card all around the world. Acquire an account with a European IBAN and up to 1,5% in interest rates.

Our Technology

Our aim is to provide free, fast and secure money transfers to bank accounts in over 130 countries, while saving you up to 8% by using realtime exchange rates.

Highest Security

Security made easy. Through a single tap you can block online payments or lock your card. Johnson Capital Private makes it possible! In case your card gets lost, misplaced or stolen you can immediately freeze or unfreeze the card through your app. Additional control can be achieved by turning ATM, online and contactless payments on or off.

Made for Business & Traveler

Enjoy your private or business travels on a new level with our Johnson Capital Private credit card. We don’t charge any percentage fees on foreign currencies. You will in fact get exactly what your money is worth, without having to care about any extra fees.

The Right Choice

Send money in seconds, without the effort of entering bank details. In the app, simply select a phone contact and send the money directly into their Johnson Capital Private account.

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We make Johnson Capital Private a bit better every day

  1. Q2/2019Cryptocurrency Exchange
  2. Q4/2019Make micro investments directly from your online banking
  3. Q1/2020Budget made easy
  4. Q2/2020Insurance Products (Travel, Life, Mobility)

With the FINTECH technology of Johnson Capital Private money and finance will be faded in the background of everyday life. It leaves us having more time for what actually matters. Because after all, there are more important things in life than money.

Let us design our future to make this world a better place.

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